BMC Atrium Data Integration (Spoon) on Mac OS

Yoo, before this I’ve posted how to use Eclipse IDE as BMC AR Developer. So for this time I want to share how to run BMC Atrium Data Integration, some of my friends called this thing as Pentaho, Spoon, Jaring Laba-Laba (Spider Web), etc hahaha. We don’t need to install anything except Java because basically Pentaho is built on top of Java.

By the way I used Remedy 9 AR Developer installation package. So I don’t know exactly is the older package would run smoothly on Mac OS. Because I’ve updated my MacBook Pro Operating System became macOS High Sierra. For the older version maybe wouldn’t run smoothly except you have installed older Java also. The steps are :

  1. You have installed Remedy 9 AR Developer on Microsoft Windows Machine.
  2. Copy “diserver” folder from AR Developer to your Mac.
  3. Open diserver -> Data Integration, then run Data Integration 64-bit (if you have 64 bit Java version) or Data Integration 32-bit (if you have 32 bit Java version)

That’s it! How easy is that huh? Just tell me if I missed a thing. Jiayou! Screenshots below 😀

Copied “diserver” Folder


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