Nostalgeek Windows 3.11 (DOSBox) on MacBook

Back to the old time, mid 1993 my parent brought an IBM PC which have pre-installed with DOS and Norton Commander. WordStar, QBASIC Gorilla, Digger, Lotus 3, etc installed soon. 4 years later my parent upgraded the operating system to Microsoft Windows 3.11 and loaded with lot of games. They are so understand how to take care of their children hehe. Then I’ve a lot of experiences with Windows 3.11 since met with this OS.

Learned to write using Microsoft Word, draw using Paint, create a presentation using Power Point and WordArt (you can imagine slides that made by nine years old boy in 1999), and design a greeting/gift card using a software which seems like Photoshop. A perfect childhood memories with technology I think. Thanks to my dad and my mom! You’re so adorable. Not to forget the games.

Microsoft Entertainment Packs

Still remember that time you played SkiFree? In some points the Yeti will eat you. Chip’s Challenge, a little boy’s adventure to solve puzzle, trap, etc. Wanna try to play golf? Fuji Golf is the answer. Hehe, I remember how my mom is addicted to play TaipeiMicrosoft Entertainment Packs have 3 series that made my day felt so fun. Anyway remember Harrison Ford with his whip? I also installed LucasArts – Indiana Jones. Even it’s not an item that included in MEP, but mentioned worth a try.

DOS Games (Detail on another post soon)

Are you a cute James Bond? Robocod, a penguin who acts as secret agent. Prehistoric, a cave man adventure. Collecting code to skip the stage and level. Terrorist that plant a lot of bombs and multiplayer game, Dyna Blaster. So fun to play together along with friends and brothers. Another bloody survival game that we have is Wolfenstein 3D. Learn to fly a helicopter? Rotate tank’s turret? Play Seek Destroyer. I’ve a another games such as Dangerous Dave and Lotus 3. I will tell the detail ASAP.

And whoaa just found my old Flickr album. I’ve installed Windows 3.11 using DOSBox with it’s Microsoft Entertainment Packs in my MacBook Pro. Time to have fun dude 😀

Microsoft Entertainment Packs (Yosemite, Nov 2014)

Need a tutorial to install Microsoft Windows 3.11 using DOSBox on MacBook? Hope this instruction may help you.

OS Installation
- Let say we have a copy of Windows 3.11 installation files at /users/win311
- Then mount as C drive, type without quote "mount C: /users/win311/"
- Access C: drive by using "C:"
- Execute "C:\>Setup.exe"
- Install as prompted

Driver Installation
- For Mac user, suggested to use S3 graphic card
- Extract and put at /users/win311/, example into a folder that named S3VGA
- Open DOSBox, and mount C: drive to /users/win311/ and move to C drive
- Go through to your windows directory, and run WIN.exe
- Open Windows Setup application
- Choose Change System Settings, in the dropdown list pick OEM
- Change drive path to C:\S3VGA\
- Choose resolution and color that you want

- For Mac user, also suggested to use Sound Blaster
- Extract and put at /users/win311/, example into a folder that named SB16W3X
- Open DOSBox, and mount C: drive to /users/win311/ and move to C drive
- Go through to your SB16W3X folder
- Choose your windows installation folder, in example C:\win311\WINDOWS\
- Set the interrupt value to 7 as DOSBox 0.7X Preferences have (IRQ value)
- Finish the installation

Brave your self and stick with “do with your own risk”

A geek with his nostalgic event (Nostalgeek).

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